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Little Prairie Kitchen
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About me

Hi! I’m Stephanie and welcome, welcome to The Little Prairie Kitchen! I am so excited to share some of my favorite recipes I’ve found, tweaked, made my own or just left as perfect as they are. I will share some tips on how to maximize kitchen time so cooking never breaks the bank or becomes a burden even on nights when it seems near imposible to get food on the table!

For me, food is about so much more than eating. Food is a way to soothe a person when the day has been long, celebrate when the day has been great and to nourish so we can continue to face and charge into those days, great or not. I want to give you the tools and confidence you need to give those meals to yourself and anyone else you love becuase while you will not remember every single meal, you will remember that feeling of having the good meals together time after time. And to me, greatest thing you can give yourself and your loved ones is time. Time to be together, time to share and time to eat!

I am so excited and grateful that you have come along with me on this journey and I hope you enjoy being here as much as I do:)