Thanksgiving Tips!

Thanksgiving Tips!

We are only a few days away from Thanksgiving! Over the past few weeks I have been sending emails to those that subscribed giving them one practical and useful tip in each email that helps with hosting duties this Thanksgiving. Since I love food and I love you guys, I wanted to share a quick recap of the first four steps and invite you to cross the finish line with us by signing up to receive the last two steps to hosting a great Thanksgiving. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Well it is and you can sign up HERE. But now, let’s recap the work we’ve done so far:

1. Plan a Menu

This one is pretty simple but important! Find out how many people you have coming to your event, who wants to bring what and all of the food/recipes you are responsible for having ready at your place. Once you have a solid plan in place, all the other Thanksgiving prep will simply be working off of this master recipe list.

2. Review Your Pantry and Plan Your Purchases

Once you have a solid menu plan down, you need ingredients to make that happen right? So start by figuring out ALL of the ingredients (no spice is too small to include!) you need and review the pantry to see what you have ready and able to use for the meal. Next, you shop. Scan your local store ads, clip coupons, and purchase all of the remaining ingredients you will need at the best price you can find. I recommend having this all done before Thanksgiving week (I shoot for the Sunday before and maaaaybe Monday in the very early AM at the latest!) to avoid last minute chaos!

3. Make Way for Turkey

No matter when you get your bird, you are going to need to stow it in the refrigerator for at least a little while so before you buy, make way! Nothing is more frustrating than coming home with a nice plump turkey to find you have to spend a half hour tossing, sorting, cramming and eating to make space for the thing. I have a simple bowl trick that I use which is to take the bowl I will be resting the turkey inside and make space for the bowl in the refrigerator. This ensures I have the space I need before I go and grab my turkey. To make sure no random leftovers or juice threatens to steal it’s rightful place, it’s a good idea to leave your bowl in the refrigerator as a space saver if you are able.

4. Make Ahead What Can Be

This is a fun step for me since it involves cooking:) Review your recipes. Figure out which ones can be started or made ahead and then get cooking! Just make sure to give them space in the refrigerator until they will be heated and served. My favorites are sweet potato casseroles (I will usually make and add any topping to this dish on Thanksgiving before I reheat), mashed potatoes (a little butter and milk/cream will perk these right back up when reheating), homemade bread or rolls (freezer superstars, just thaw and reheat!) and pies (because, pie).

So that’s it so far! Are you curious about the last two steps? If so, join the fun and sign up HERE. Happy Thanksgiving planning all!!