The Pumpkins Are Coming!

The Pumpkins Are Coming!

For me, September is hands down the month of the apple. I wrote all last month about my love of the apple and while that love is still there, I can’t help but get excited for my next month and my next food based obsession.

Pumpkins! Is there anything else on this Earth that screams October to you like a big, round, orange pumpkin? If there is, I cannot think of it and to quote the great Linus “I don’t wanna know!”

To continue to celebrate my love of all things fall, October will feature some of my favorite ways to use the mighty pumpkin in the kitchen. Jack does a lot more for us than give us carving fun, from cakes and pies to bread and seeds and even savory! The pumpkin has a lot going for it and October truly is the month we should celebrate that wonderful orange fruit! Yes, fun fact of the day if you did not know that a pumpkin is a fruit. It belongs to the same berry family as melons and cucumbers!

Over the next few weeks I am going to share some of my favorite ways to use pumpkins as well as some thoughts on why this time of year just means so much to me. From September on through the end of year, I feel as if the world and my family comes in a little closer and gives me hugs as the days grow shorter.

I know many mourn the loss of summer, and in a way I do too. But there is nothing like a cold, dark night to draw those close into your bright and warm kitchen for some good food, good times and good feelings. So I hope you will come along with me as I explore all the things I love, love, love about October. Be sure to also check out my Pinterest board “The Pumpkins are Coming!” for my recipes using this wonderful gourd as well as lots of inspiration on how those around the web use it as well! Happy pumpkining!