Summer All Star: Peaches

Each summer, I try to set some goals for myself and each summer I mostly fail at them. Why? There are about a million reasons why but I think the main ones are I set too many goals and the goals I set are super vague and therefore impossible to achieve. So this year, I decided I would try to do it a little different. One goal that I set was to stay on a early to rise schedule so that I could have uninterrupted time to work in my garden. To make this goal straightforward, I just set my alarm for 6:30 during the week and have my garden clothes ready the night before. By making little tweaks, I’ve managed to (mostly) be up and in the garden, weeding and tending to my future food.

Another summer goal I have is to make at least one new item each week, and using new ingredients if possible. Today, I’ve decided on a new-to-me item in the kitchen: the peach. Now to be fair, I have eaten peaches before but most of the peaches I’ve consumed have been of the canned variety that rest in an ocean of fruit and sugar juice. But after seeing the rows and rows of fresh and ready peaches in the grocery store this week (it’s peach season!) I decided I had to revisit peaches using ripe and ready produce.

I’ve decided to turn my fresh and wonderful smelling peaches into a fresh peach pie using my Go To Piecrust recipe. Similar in preparation to an apple pie, the peach pie is simply a fabulous crust and fruit tossed with a handful of sugar and spices to enhance the flavor. I’m already licking my lips thinking about the flavor of this pie! I gave one of the peaches a nibble and the flavor was amazing and the peach was nice and juicy. Want to see how my peach pie ends up? Check out my Instagram today where I’ll be posting pie updates as I go (@littleprairiekitchen) and let me know what fresh produce YOU are using or excited to use this summer!