Handiest Kitchen Tools-Garlic Press

The kitchen is one of my favorite places these days. It’s where I feed myself and my family, where I relax and even where I work. So just like any other good employee, I have some tools and tricks that help me maximize my time in the kitchen and are just plan helpful to have around.

The first item on my must-have list is one that up until a few years ago I had not given much thought. Jim had stocked our kitchen and included this item, but until I was making my amazing Simply Tasty Pasta Sauce all the time I didn’t realize what a wonderful accessory it was. “It” would be my garlic press. If you have ever made a recipe that called for fresh garlic, you have probably heard of the garlic press, even if you don’t have one. It’s a small tool that has a place to set cloves of garlic in and it then smashes the garlic through a cheese grater-type section, giving you evenly minced garlic without the work of having to cut it.

So many of the recipes I make and have shared called for fresh garlic added in at the end of sautéing veggies. Fresh garlic gives a meal such an amazing flavor that I can’t imagine many of my dishes without it. I know you can purchase pre-minced garlic packed in a jar, but for me, the flavor of garlic that is freshly peeled and pressed is unbeatable. And out of all of the gadgets that promise to revolutionize your cooking life, this one is very reasonably priced. My current press is only $16 on Amazon and this is one seems to be on the high end of the price range so you can find one that is less expensive either online or at the store.

As for how often it will be used, that is up to you and how you cook. For me, I press garlic at least 2-3 times a week for the dishes I make. I add it to my sauces, casseroles, marinades, garlic bread, even my mashed potatoes (by the way YUM!) Garlic press are also not all that big so it will not turn into one of those gadgets that you buy and it sits and takes up half your counter space (for me this was my rice cooker) and mocks your lack of use. The press can be stored in the same drawer as your silverware and many are dishwasher safe, though I recommend reading the instructions on your specific model.

This small tool is one that I cannot imagine my Kitchen without. Now it’s your turn. Shoot me an email, post a comment letting me know what kitchen tool YOU can’t live without. Who knows, maybe it’s one I’m already writing up as we speak:)