March Madness

And there goes another month. March has landed and I barely realized February had begun! In my neck of the woods, spring is trying to make an early debut one day and the next, winter is letting us all know it’s still very much around. Because of this, my food has to be flexible during this awkward time when one season is starting to wind down and another is trying to begin.

A prime example of this happened to me last week. I had planned a week of cozy meals, good for warming you up and filling your tummy. Then the temperature climbed into the 70’s. The 70’s. In February. Of course I had to scrap my casserole and have Jim bust out the grill for some Awesome Burgers. A few days later, we were back to cold and grey.

In honor of March’s truly inconstant nature when it comes to the weather, I will be posting a nice mix of cozy foods for those last few days of winter, some recipes that make you think of the warm days ahead and desserts! Because this time of year, when the grey is longer than the day, there is nothing better than a slice of cake topped with Fresh Whipped Cream to make you forget all about Mother Nature’s odd sense of humor.

I’m also going to share a few posts about what must have accessories live in my kitchen. I’ve always tried to make sure most of my recipes can be made with minimal gadgetry as I feel that making food from scratch need not be an event where thousands of dollars of gadgets are required. After all, people have been eating, and eating well, long before spiralizers came about, so we know that the latest and greatest is not always need. That being said, there are a handful of tools that I cannot imagine my kitchen life without. Most can be purchased for just a few bucks and any that are on the pricier side will usually have a less expensive counterpart that does the job fine until you save enough to upgrade or realize you may not need that tool. What is a need in one kitchen can very well be a waste of space in another so keep your life and how you cook in mind.

So let’s ride this roller coaster we call March together and enjoy each day while we wait for the first buds of April to truly announce the change of season.