Last Minute Party Eats

It’s almost here! The “big” game of the year…wait, did you forget? And now you have only a few days to get to the store, figure out what to buy, whip up some tasty bits, and do all of the other things your weekend requires from you.

Let me save you this Super weekend! Check out below some of my favorite quick prep bites for the Big Game and have an awesome spread set up faster than you can say “Touchdown!”

Quick Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups

This one I cannot really take credit for-I first enjoyed these tasty bites at my mom’s house during a family gathering. The idea is simple, cream cheese and deli ham with some of the cream cheese spread down the center of each piece of ham, then roll up the ham and cut into bite sized pieces. If you are feeling super adventurous, you can roll up a dill pickle spear in each piece of ham. It sounds weird but it is surprisingly amazing!

Red Pepper Feta Dip

This 5 minute dip requires no more than a few ingredients and a spin in a food processor to be dip perfection! You can check out my take on this amazing and tangy dish HERE. Add some pita bread, crackers or chips and you have yourself one heck of a dip.

Chips and salsa

Yes I consider this a big game appetizer worthy of a spot on any list. You open a bag, crack a jar and you have a great starter to keep the troops satisfied until the next round is up. If you are feeling especially fancy and have some time, you can whip up a homemade salsa or add some tasty guacamole to the mix.

Quick Taco Dip

With “quick” in the title, you know this one is fast. Take all the fun of a taco and put in a quick and hearty dip and you have a recipe for good eats. Here’s the original recipe HERE. I have replaced the refried beans with cooked ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning in the past with huge success! It turns this quick dip into a hearty meal dip in a flash.


Because, hello? Pizza could almost be considered the official food of sports with it’s hearty bite and easy eating. This week I shared a super meaty take on pizza with my Tangy Pulled Pork Pizza, but you can always keep it simple with sausage and pepperoni or whatever toppings your gang craves. Feeling like chicken tonight? Check out our Gouda BBQ Pizza to satisfy your pizza and chicken craving.

So there you have it. Fast food without the fast food run for the biggest game of the season. Or if you are like me, food for the most new commercials of the season! Be sure to check out my Big Game Eats board on Pinterest for even more last minute inspiration. Enjoy!